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donderdag 22 september 2016

21. What about trading the current stock and forex market?

Dear fellow traders,

It has been a long time since our last post. The market conditions did not gave us the chance to write a decent blog about the current market or indicators to use.

Yesterday was one of the most important days of this year, the day the FED announced what they would do with the rate hike. The market could turn either side and while the news was not as positive as expected, the market did turn green (happily).

We had our position long so we made a decent profit yesterday. That is the reason why we have openen a Myfxbook trader account so you can follow our proces in trading these difficult markets. The market is and remains stuck for the following days or so. Regarding the DOW, this would be support 18.000 and resistance 18.350. Today might be the day this Fibonacci retracements level is reached, in order to validate this, the market must close above this important level.

The stock market is not as hard as forex or gold. If we can give you any advice, it would be to trade stocks and indices instead of forex and gold, which is highly speculative.

Our expectations for the market is positive on short term. If the DOW closes above the 18.350 level we will open new long positions with targets at 18.447 (former support level) and 18.500+.

The Dow Jones is slightly harder to trade as local indices (like AEX Netherlands or DAX Germany), but is worth the time to investigate if you want to become a good trader.

For now, have a good trading week ahead and we will write again soon.

See you all at our next blog post!

Vince Roestenburg
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donderdag 28 april 2016

20. What about indicators, the MACD

Dear fellow traders,

It has been a while since our last post. Due to trading and appointments we were not able to put news on the table. We will now continue writing since we have more time to. Today we will talk about different indicators, today the MACD.

Lets begin with the MACD. As most traders know, the MACD indicator is not a real time indicator. It gives you information about the markets but some kind of lagg. Real time trades therefore can't rely on the indicator becouse it is not real time. Though, it is usefull for the long term trend indication.

The MACD usually is used with Fast Length 12, Slow Length 26 and signal length (optional) 9. This indicates the normal MACD as you all know. How to make the MACD usefull for your trading? Combining it with the bars to count it creates one of the moste usefull indicators (especially for longer term).

As seen on the picture below, the MACD has crosspoints where the blue line crosses the red one. This indicates a turn of the market sentiment. Depending on the timeframe, is gets more reliable on the longer term.

So why do I need to combine it then? Because the MACD and bars together gives you the perfect view of the markets sentiment. Bars going down together combined with the blue line crossing the red one? The sentiment is turning bearish, and vice versa. 

Because the indicator is for the longer term and is not real time, it is not recommended to use it to trade indices, why? Because the market closes and opens every day. When opening, this indicator is not reliable because of the possible gap. This gives a bad view of the real time market.

More useful is it for forex because this market does not close till the weekend. So to all of you trading. Please use this indicator wisely for forex and not for indices and stocks.

Have a nice trading week ahead.

Kind regards,

Team BusinezzTime

maandag 2 november 2015

19. The trading week ahead + Contests (to win money!)

Dear fellow traders,
Please be aware of the NFP following this week. The market will always react volatile to this event. The markets will not move as much as usual. 
Gold trade 
We decided to stay low for the moment and hold "cash". Stepping in again after the NFP. Seeing the chart below, gold is trapped between the black bars (around 1188 and 1118). If broken and closed below or above one of these levels, gold will follow its new trend.

Regarding the NFP following later this week, we suspect to see a huge gap up to around 172K. The American economy is doing great lately and we are suspecting to see it back in the upcoming events. 

BusinezzTime also participates in some contests, like "slimstebelegger" what literally stands for smartest trader. This contest has brought us the beautiful result of..... 

An overall return of investment of +23,59% in just one month. 

Hope to see you all at the contest from HiWayFX to win the $1500,- price!!

Not registered? You can do now with the link below:

Have a nice trading week ahead

Vince Roestenburg


donderdag 1 oktober 2015

18. Trade position, long gold

Dear fellow trader,

Just some opportunity to buy gold at the moment. Short term with targets around 1130 and 1132. Please take a look at the image below! SL at 1104.15 (new low).


Have a nice trading day.

BusinezzTime ©

Vince Roestenburg

woensdag 30 september 2015

17. Non-Farm Payrolls and tips

Dear fellow traders,

It is almost that time of the month again... the NFP is this Friday!! And since we are all traders, I would like to tell you something about this and perhaps give you some good tips as well.

This Friday at 14:30(+2 gmt) the new numbers will be announced. As every time, the markets response will be very volatile and quick. The market is currently is a phase without direction in the forex sector. In the indexes there is a lot of movement. 

Because of this, the market could face a lot of traders not knowing which side to choose. Besides that, a lot of the “bigger” companies are currently holding cash. This means that when the NFP numbers are out (and be ready because they know them first), the markets will response very volatile and quick. 

Before entering a trade, make a plan for yourself. Look at the markets 5 minutes before the release. Place orders just above and below the highs because this are the ones that needs to be broken and once broken it will push through.

Hold your trade. Many traders quit their trades because of a correction back and they do not want to lose their money (just as me). But just take a look at all the important announcements and dates... the market will go one way, make a "small" correction backwards (and now you take your profit because you think it is over) and then continues the way it has broken. Most times it makes around 3 or 4 candles (around 2 hours) and then the currency or index will be flat. This is the moment you quit, even though the market will in most cases continues the next day in the same way.

Why do I exit my trade then? Because of a pullback. A pullback needs to be done, everywhere! A healthy markets goes up and down, and needs to release some pressure sometimes. New highs and lows will be made around this level.

Follow my next post for what you NEED to do to recognize new directions where to add new orders.

Have a nice trading week ahead.

BusinezzTime ©

Vince Roestenburg

Ps. our prediction is around 212K! (looking at the chart below)

Ps. this is our new font, we hope you like it!

donderdag 17 september 2015

16. FED or not to FED

Dear fellow traders,

As we all know, the FED will decide today (or not...) if they are going to raise the interest. Due this is very important, it is wisely NOT to trade at the moment. This post is here just to inform you about my advize.

Just to give you some picture of what I am looking at now:

As you see, gold is already showing some kind of volatility. If this is going to rise further I have no answer, the answer that I could have provided was to buy at 1105.5 when it broke the trendline.

Please be warned, a volatile market is coming our way, and it is coming for us, prepare!

Vince Roestenburg
CEO BusinezzTime ©

maandag 10 augustus 2015

15. NFP impact

Dear fellow traders,

The impact of the NFP was not as big as expected. With the forecast and the actual rate, the currencies have not responded very volatile.

Using the site of Fxpro for our indication of the markets movement: http://www.fxpro.co.uk/trading/accounts/trader-dashboard we saw that the volatility meter flew up like a bird. We recommend all traders to use this dashboard in this market.

The FxPro dashboard gives you information about:

  • currency movers
  • client positions
  • market hours
  • volume of the actual positions 
  • position of the trades
  • the volatility 
  • trades per time (very useful) 
So what's next? The markets is still in the same range and we didn't change our direction. This means that we are still in the same boring trading range, as in the last few weeks... be aware that anything at the moment could change this direction so keep your positions small, quick and effective with a tight stop loss. 

Which mover would be good to invest in?
At the moment the european stock markets are a good deal. The economy is recovering and the sentiment of traders is getting better. Also the holiday weeks are over which means that professionals and companies are also going to trade again. 

We will keep you up to date, have a good trading week ahead!


dinsdag 28 juli 2015

14. Did we hit the bottom?

Dear fellow traders,

After a long long time, we will start to write new posts again. We have been out for a while because of some problems with our fast internet connection. This is luckily solved now. 

So what will the current market bring and tell us? Who knows.. Did we hit the bottom, or not? There is no one who can tell you this exactly, but this is what is in our minds.

The Eur/Usd is currently in a trading range between 1.08 resistance and the 1.14 upper trend line. After we passed the important level of 1.11 again this week. The most likely scenario we will see is a retest of the 1.14 level again. What is also our border.

If we will pass this border, our targets can be reinstated because in that case we will see a huge bullish scenario with possibilities of the 1.23 level, yes really!!

Than gold, last weeks we went down hard. This all has to do with the uncertain markets at the moment. You would say that investment companies would invest in gold now all the indexes and commodities are going down, but in fact they stay out. 

Why so? Because the faith in gold has been lost. Even though China has recently bought over 100+ tons of gold in secret, the market is most likely to test lower levels this and next week with targets around 1070/68. If this level would break we could take gold even lower towards the 1050/46 level and eventually even towards 840..

Let's trade the market, and not our minds!


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dinsdag 19 mei 2015

13. Follow us on twitter!

Dear fellow traders,

Since we have been out for a while, we would like to ask you to join our twitter accounts for more information.

Please follow the following accounts:



Trade smarter, trade together.

Team BT

zondag 5 april 2015

12. NFP update

Dear traders,

Just a little update:

As I recommended you all, the NFP came out bullish. I hope you listened to me, and got long positions. We will continue next week. 

Because gold was closed Friday, I expect a real volatile market on Tuesday, so please be aware of this. Also other USD pairs will be very volatile. 

Yesterday I made my prediction for next week when I was looking at my charts. I think we have 2 options at the moment. The EUR/USD pair could test the border again at 1.10. If it passes, we are going to 1.14 this week. 

When the pair does not hold on, we will see 1.08 again. But, after reaching 1,08 we will see a bounce once again to 1.14. If 1.08 does not hold we will see 1.05 or new lows. This is the chart I publicized yesterday:


Be aware of the risk upcoming week, and do NOT trade if you want to risk much, please be sure of your own positions. 

Have a nice trading week.



woensdag 1 april 2015

11. NFP coming !

Dear fellow traders,

This will be one of the most important message of this week. Because, the NFP or Non Farm Payrolls are on its way, and this means... high volatility!

And where high volatility is, there are huge winners, and terrible losers. With this post, I will try to help you to survive this week.

So, the NFP is coming, and no one knows exactly what will happen, expect the us government. I read some articles last week about the coming NFP and they are... bad. Not bad in the way that the numbers will be below the expected ones, no. Bad in the way of below the last number, the numbers are declining. They are going lower and lower, and the dollar is suffering of a bit of weakness now. 

Because of this number, many predictors are bullish when the NFP comes. I do recommend to close your trades before the results come, and put orders at your trader to buy AND sell at a certain rate. Don't be afraid for a false breakout, make sure to put the order not to close to the current rate, for Forex  this is about 20 pips away, for gold around 3/5. 

On the day itself, look at how the rate is going, most of the times when these numbers come out, the rate will go the different way of where the price was going originally. Be aware of that, and also the market is very thin, so only people and not companies are pushing the currencies up or down. The "big ones" will wait and put the trade at the right time to give us the right direction.

Please be safe, and hope for the best to come!

Vince Roestenburg


10. Cut your losses

Dear fellow traders,

The last few weeks a was very busy trading my own. I made over 1000% ROI in the last 3 week, isn't that amazing...

The risks higher, that's why the return on investment is also that big. But with a good stop loss you can change the world.

Today I am going to write about taking profits. No, this isn't just a normal post, it's a very important one. I also suffer from this, and so do most people.

When people are trading, you have your targets, stop losses and I hope, your own trading plan. But, what if the market you trade is changing, do you cut your losses or are you also the person that "hopes" it will come back, and eventually you are to late, so did I.

In the past I made these mistakes, trade plans can change, please remember that. Anyone can give his or her advice about the market, and everyone has it's own view, respect that. But do NOT I repeat NOT follow everyone’s advice. Don't let yourself get scared by them and stick to your own plan. 

I made these faults in the past, and I did suffer from that. If your trade is in profit, and it just made you hell of a profit, and it's only plumbing now, please relocate your stop loss, you don't need to lose money that you already won, or do you?

Taking profits on the way is a professional thing, it's a mindset. If you are able to take profits on the way, I will call you a pro trader. It's not the "I hope I do" it's the mentality of "I will, and do", remember that. 

Keep an eye on the market as much as possible, and I will be writing another post as soon as possible. Next time I will tell you something about my profits.

Because let's face it, no one likes to lose money!

Have a wonderful trading week!

Vince Roestenburg


donderdag 26 februari 2015

9. What about.. Forex communities part 2

Dear fellow traders,

Last time we talked about the site "Tradingview". I promised to tell you more about this site in the next post, so here we go! 

Let's start with the chat, I do really recommend to register first so you can participate in the chat, and talk to other experienced traders. After this, start making your own technical analysis. 

When clicking on the "indicators" button (it’s a small view of a timeframe), you search for the "Moving Average". I would recommend to use two of these, one for the 55 line, and one for 200. This is basic learning material. 

Also, in the same indicators list, use the Bollinger bands + RSI. This indicator is better as the normal RSI because it moves along with the trend, it's flexible and gives a better view. 

Play with the chart, look at trend lines, make them, explore other options. 

When you start up your morning, make your technical analysis first. Draw some trend lines, look at your indicators, but please traders follow your own plan! Do not let other persons influence you with their plan what is totally different, you have made your decision, follow it.

Use the different timeframes, with the ma55 line, I do recommend 15 minutes, 4hour and daily. This is because it's an Fibonacci number. 

I can tell you everything about the site, but I would rather tell you to look at it yourself, play with it before using it, and find the indicators that fit you best.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to know something about the site or good (beginner) forex brokers. 

Have a nice trading day ahead!



maandag 23 februari 2015

8. What about.. Forex communities

Dear fellow trader,

Because of the trading conditions last weeks I haven't been so active in blogging. I hope in the upcoming weeks, I can make this up to you by telling and learning you even more about trading the (forex) markets.

Today I will tell you about the best site to make your own technical analysis. I use this site the most of all the sites I know, and it is more than helpful, today I will be talking about:

Tradingview is thé best site regarding live charts, analysis and trading idea’s from other traders. The site is so advanced, that you can talk to other traders in the chat about trading (forex), but also gold, bitcoin and indexes are there. 

So, what about the charts... they are excellent! You can create your own indicators, settings, colours for the bars, and use lots and lots of indicators made by the site and other traders! 

This is how my screen actually looks like:

It could be a little much, and it is, but actually, this is not enough. When I trade on my own, I have at least opened 4 of this windows with all kinds of indicators to tell me where the market is going. You will need a good internet connection for this, and also a computer or laptop that can run these kind of sites, cause when it gets stuck, you will lose time, and time is money!

I would recommend every trader to take a look at this site. You can create your own chart, and publish this, so everyone assigned to their newsletters gets it. 

This is just a fraction of what you can do, next post I will tell you more specific information about this site and how to use it, in the main time, you could take already some time to look at it.

Have a nice trading week ahead!

Kind regards,


Entrepreneur of BusinezzTime

zondag 25 januari 2015

7. What about.. promotions at (forex) brokers?!

Dear fellow traders,

Today I will tell you some facts about these nice bonuses that you get when you start trading with some (forex) brokers like www.markets.com or www.caesartrade.com 400%!. But what's behind this bonuses? Why do they give these?

The fact is, brokers earn their money when you execute trades, hold your trade go over the weekend, commissions, fees, and sometimes even commissions (some percentage of the winning of your trades!).

Brokers will try to help you, some with signals for positions, and expert advisors. They want to keep you as long as possible, so it's not true that a broker would like to see you go. (This might not be totally true, because I heard that some brokers place the opposite order of what you do!). 

Last week I saw this page where all (forex) brokers were listed who had competitions, or non-deposit bonuses. But these bonuses can't in most common situations, not been withdrawn. At some brokers there is the possibility to withdraw the profit you made with the account such as Markers and Forexyard. But most company's will try to keep the equity on the platform, so you will keep trading with them.

It is lucrative to register at those brokers for a non-deposit bonus, you can not only test their platform for free, but also check their commissions, executions times, support and terms and conditions. Besides this, some (forex) brokers also have some forums where you can ask for signals.

Take a look at this site, it's quite a good view of the sites that have these kind of free money. I would recommend to look at the terms and conditions of these non-deposit forex bonuses, because you will need to trade quite a bit of lots to be able to withdraw the money. 

Some trades do also give bonuses on (first) deposits. This is just a kind promotion they have. But when brokers will offer you more as 50% bonus, there might be something from, please keep that in mind. Because, why would they offer this to you?! The only way to earn this back is to charge you really high commissions or fees. 

I do, and so should you, read the terms and conditions about the broker. This is a serious business, and you need to take it seriously, its real money, and sometimes a lot either. 

If you have any questions, about bonuses, how I did some things, or what sites I used for the bonuses, you can contact me below or on the right side. 

You are always welcome to ask me about brokers, and any experience I have with them and I will try to do the best as possible for you as well. 

Have a nice trading week ahead! Next time I will tell you one of my secrets about.. where to get good and free Forex signals!

Vince Roestenburg